My Artwork

An unfinished work, David Tennant, my favorite Doctor, rendered in Illustrator.

Design for the back and sides of a Johnson County Library truck using Grimm's Fairy Tales as a reference. Rapunzel, famous for her long hair, starts a business selling hair extensions in this fictional world.

Design for the back and sides of a Johnson County Library truck using Peter Pan as a reference. Wendy Darling went to NeverNeverLand and looked after the lost boys. I created a fictional daycare center for this design.

I make these bags using recycled tyvek mailing bags. They last forever. I use paint, collage and my own hand-carved stamps for the design. These bags are small, lunchbag size, but I also make large, shopping bags as well. They stand up to heavy use better than any other bag I've used.  
The original artwork for this puzzle was a vertical orientation. I was asked to alter it to fit a horizontal orientation suitable for a jigsaw puzzle. I also introduced additional elements, bugs and seeds to complete the design.
You may remember Rainbow Brite from back in the day. The artist supplied me with hand-drawn pencil and ink sketches. I imported them into Adobe Illustrator, cleaned up the line work, and added color.

I painted these pieces for use in a quilt. They were appliqu├ęd onto the pieced quilt.

The source for the fish stamp is a delightful bottle opener I picked up at a flea market. It is jointed and covered with scales of mother of pearl. It can stand up on its tail fins. The mouth is the bottle opener. It inspired me to carve this stamp which is still one of my favorites. I wanted to start using stamps in my collage, but was reluctant to use manufactured stamps that could be found elsewhere, so I learned to carve my own. I have various hand-carved stamps for sell on my etsy site for others to use in scrapbooking or collage or just to decorate a piece of mail, if anyone still sends mail through the postal service.

These designs were made to be put on t-shirts and sold on The first one of the fish, Macropinna Microstoma, was inspired by a deep water fish whose eyes float freely within a transparent dome on top of its head. The film designs were commissioned by for a series of I [heart] movies t-shirts. 

My collages are layered onto wooden boards approximately 12" x 12". I use layers of tissue paper, found objects, and my own hand-carved stamps to create them. They are available on my etsy site.
I designed this piece for a friend who is working to better her life. She is improving her mind and abilities and I am very proud of her. I wanted to give her some encouragement, so I made this to go on the cover of her notebook.

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