Thursday, February 2, 2012

Susan G. Komen flat on their asses

Here's my plan. I have taken in hand my trusty, unwashable, black magic marker and drawn the international 'no' symbol over all of my glaringly pink Susan G. Komen crap. This I will package up and send to 5005 LBJ Fwy, Ste. 250, Dallas, TX 75244. Want to join me?


  1. WONDERFUL!!!! I WISH I had Komen stuff around so I could follow your example.

    If I could make an addition suggestion - for people like me who do NOT have Komen stuff around - we could ask for our pissed-off FRIENDS stuff (who maybe don't want to pay the postage) and then mark it up and mail it.

    1. Excellent idea, KateW. Start collecting this junk. I just sent mine off for $8.05. Then, I came home and sent Ten precious dollars to Planned Parenthood.


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